QuakerUp – Fuel Good, Feel Good

Energy is all the rage these days in Food & Beverage (see our past posts on the subject).  And Quaker Foods is on trend from a macro Energy theme with their funny "Human Energy Crisis” campaign.  But what’s notable is that the campaign is actually evolving the notion of smart energy and connecting it to Health beyond nutrition.

With this strategy, Quaker has tapped into an emerging consumer consciousness about Energy+Health.  Lately, there’s been increasing backlash against energy drinks and caffeine-infused foods in the media and the FDA has begun investigating the products as well.

In the meantime, consumers have begun to seek out healthier energy solutions beyond the quick jolts these products provide. Quaker’s new campaign does answer the call for sustainable energy, but what’s novel, is the additional step it takes. Quaker’s gets at the emotional “Why do it” with the campaign tagline:  finding energy “for the moments that matter”.

We know that Quaker is on to something based on one of our most recent consumer studies on Healthy Snacking.  In it, U.S. consumers revealed that Healthy is a holistic prescription that encompasses healthy food, healthy habits and healthy relationships.  Being healthy involves eating the right foods, and spending time doing things that make you feel well –exercising and connecting with loved ones.  By eating healthy you make time for things and people that matter most.  Good energy for doing good things. Quaker just nailed it.