The Best Day of The Week to Work Out Is...

Do you know about Monday Campaigns?

Research by John Hopkins found that Monday's are the best day of the week for positive health behaviors like working out. Why? People tend to look at the first day of the work week as a fresh start. So, John Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities have teamed up to make Monday's the healthiest day of the week, or as they call it, "The day all health breaks loose."

Since people seem to be more concerned with getting in shape for the summer months, we decided to find out how consumers plan to slay those extra calories. Our latest study focuses on how and why people work out, their favorite apparel, where they shop, what they spend and the food & beverages they choose to keep them energized. Check out our latest infographic below and let us know, are you getting your workout in today?

BuzzBack Workout Infographic