The Heroes Around You

Today Team BuzzBack did our 3rd annual Komen Race For The Cure. In addition to being a day for raising awareness and funds, it was also a day of celebration. Last year at this time, one of our team was undergoing chemo. While last year she walked - this year she ran!  The event is also a day of honoring as well - many of the walkers and runners (some of them our clients and friends) wear posters on their backs, listing the names of their heroes for whom they walk/run.

komen race

Seeing our team together - both the newbies and those of us who marked our third time- reminds me of what teamwork is and how much ours goes above and beyond.  Teams inspire each other and make it easy to get the hard stuff done. The super demanding client requests, intense timelines, and need for speed  never go away. But teamwork makes it all easier to tackle. In particular it's the little things that a teammate might do that makes it worth sticking it out through challenges. This event day was no different - they organized the race, designed and ordered the shirts, rallied the tired, cheered the sprinters -- just a few examples.

At the end of the day, this is a reminder we don't need celebrities to aspire to - the heroes and rock stars on our team are more than enough. The idea of hero elicits imagery of bravery, courage, admiration - those are the exact qualities that make up our team. When I see our effort in an event like this, I'm reminded that surrounding  myself with considerate, caring, collaborative people, I don't have to be the captain. They are qualified to take charge - and often in the most important way. The good human way.