Three Reasons Why I Love TMRE

This year will be the sixth time I get to attend The Market Research Event, our industry’s largest and most exciting conference. With over a thousand attendees, the Event feels big, exciting, and energetic. Three reasons why I love attending are:

  1. Meeting friends– As an industry veteran, I feel like I’m attending a reunion of sorts, seeing colleagues, clients, and suppliers, some I’ve known for years and others who are newer relations.
  2. The sessions – From the keynotes to the individual breakouts, TMRE has great presentations from start to finish. In fact, sometimes the only complaint I hear is that folks can’t see everything they want. And let me put in a plug for my colleague, Silvena Milenkova, who will presenting with Jean Enloe of 3M on how mobile research compares to online PC-based research and how it fits with a broader brand strategy.
  3. The industry – When I attend TMRE, I realize I’m part of a large, innovative, and crucially important industry. The role we play in helping our organizations understand their customers and succeed in today’s challenging marketplace is never more on display than when we gather in mass.

Will you be attending TMRE? What sessions or social meet ups are you looking forward to?

Hope to see you there!