Disrupt + Differentiate... With Branding

I recently attended a great seminar organized by the Burke Institute about reporting. The seminar leader, Jim Berling, used the new Virgin America's safety video to illustrate the point that as researchers we have to deliver actionable recommendations. We have to go beyond the So What?

We all know that not many people watch the in-flight safety instructions after boarding a flight. Ok, nothing new. But, now what? Creating an entertaining and engaging safety video is a great first step. But, it can also be used as a brand tool. And Virgin America understood it well...

This safety video did much more than deliver safety messages in an entertaining way, it reinforced the brand image of the company. The video is provocative, friendly and clever, all personality traits of the brand. Virgin America infuses their branding into every bit of the customer experience to help disrupt the industry and differentiate themselves from the other airlines. See for yourself.