Clean Labels in a Transparent World

Today’s consumers demand more. They want transparency and authenticity from brands, resulting in a big push for ‘clean label’ and ‘natural’. From food, to household items, to personal care, shoppers want to know what’s in the product before it goes ‘in’, ‘on’ or ‘near’ them.

But do consumers understand what Clean Label means? How does it impact their decision making? What does it look like through their eyes? Our latest webinar uncovers:

  • how familiar consumers are with the term “Clean Label” and what it means to them
  • the cues signaling Clean label – colors, imagery, verbal
  • its importance across different categories (with a deep dive into Food & Personal Care)
  • the products and brands they associate with Clean Label and why
  • differences between natural and clean
  • the impact of Clean Label on purchase across different categories

We will also share consumer imagery, including real photos of products they consider Clean for a few different categories – giving you in-the-moment understanding that maps back to their personal beliefs and values.

Want to learn what’s important when it comes to this hot topic? Get in touch with us below and we can schedule an in-person or over the phone presentation for you or your team.