We’re back! And bigger than ever!

COVID kept us away last September, as we juggled family pressures and the challenges of living in a pandemic. We learned to do many things virtually -- and now we’ve combined steps to Race for the Cure with Komen Team #7 in 2021.  

Being based in NYC, it was always fun meeting up in the park and running into a few of our clients from Pfizer and Pepsi - but this year we teamed up virtually, sharing visual stories of the thousands of collective steps we conquered in support of the Komen cause. It’s important to our team as we have family and friends who have suffered, but also buzzbackers – now survivors – a few shown here.


While we didn’t get to bump shoulders with our supplier partners and client sponsors, we continue to support them with vaccine research and the growing need to understand changes in consumer behavior we’re all experiencing since COVID started. In fact, fueled by COVID, we expanded our team 25% to keep pace with our clients’ needs.

And even with locations diffuse, this one team and spirit is how we aligned to win a 2020 Quirks’ award for supplier collaboration with Verizon – something all our clients appreciate every day. It’s who we are, and our clients feel it, too.

So we applaud Komen #7 over Zoom! And 7 is a special number. Did you know there are 7 colors in the rainbow? Seems fitting after more than a year of posting rainbows, as we are all hoping to get through this together. At buzzback we love being back!