Who DOESN’T want to know more about Millennials?

Millennials are a perennial ‘hot topic’. I have seen at least one new study on Millennials published almost every week! What motivates them? What are they buying? What brands are they loyal to? According to Nielsen, the broad definition of Millennials is consumers ages 19-36.  And as digital natives and social media mavens, they are influential consumers who are having an increasing impact on brand success.

At BuzzBack, we know there are certain characteristics specific to Millennials – they have shorter attention spans, they multi-task well, their smart phones and FaceBook are core to who they are. So we design our studies specifically for this audience: more visual to mirror what they do on FaceBook, Instagram and Vine; more engaging to keep their attention; and shorter in length to get at key points relevant to a brand’s objectives.

To get even more insight on the what, how and why of Generation Y, we’re now developing our own study on Millenials with a completely new bent.  Do you have an idea you want us to consider? What do you want to know about Millennials? Email me, I’d love to hear it – we’ll add it to our study.