Driven By Emotion

Last week, I attended the annual Women Presidents’ Conference in New Orleans (WPO). Besides peer inspiration, we were energized by Ping Fu’s keynote on her achievements and innovations, notably the starting of Geomagic, a 3D software company that will change industry and manufacturing processes. Many of her initiatives and innovations were driven by her passion and emotional decision making.

Coincidentally, the WSJ recently published an article that looks at how executives make decisions in “The Inner Workings of the Executive Brain”. Interestingly enough, the article talks about how some of the best decisions and innovations are driven by emotion, not by rationale, tight deadlines, and thoughtful process-making as originally believed. In fact, these same factors around emotions and subconscious feelings are what drive consumer behavior and decision-making in general.

At BuzzBack, that’s core premise for our philosophy – that decisions happen in the subconscious and therefore as researchers, we need to understand what drives these decisions using emotional cues. This is why our techniques are uniquely designed to use visuals that probe and capture subconscious and emotional drivers.


Topic(s): drivers , Emotions , WPO