Synergy's Consumer Insighting Storytelling Webcon

Synergy Market Research have kindly asked us to participate in their Consumer Insighting Storytelling Webcon, REBOOT 2.0 – Insights for a Post-COVID Future on October 29, where Martin Oxley will be presenting Harnessing and Understanding Gen Alpha’s Energy for a Post Covid World.

Synergy event pic blue

Event description: Consumers and companies have already rebooted and adjusted to the quarantine life and the country is slowly progressing into vaccination. How will we reboot once more to cope with this evolved situation? What are the future challenges? What can we do now to prepare for these future challenges? What insights can we take from today’s events that will provide hints for future consumer behavior, attitudes, and mindsets? How do we see the future, post-Covid, and where or how will we find new sources of inspiration to meet these challenges?

If you can't make and would like to know more about our work on Gen Alpha, let us know!

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