Buzzback @ MRS Storytelling Conference June 15

Great Presentations break the rules.

If you want people to think, give them data. If you want them to act, give them a story.

Join Martin Oxley and Omar Mahmoud at the MRS Storytelling Summit where they will draw on their experience of telling impactful stories to stir action in FMCG and fundraising sectors. They will show how good presentations follow a set of well-trodden rules but great presentations break them! They grab your attention from the first moment, they surprise you, they make you smile, laugh, interact, think, feel something, and they are memorable…


Martin Oxley, Managing Director, buzzback
Martin established buzzback in Europe in 2007 to exploit the transformational power of the internet, having worked at IPSOS and TNS. He has been a regular speaker at ESOMAR, MRS and other industry conferences and has won the best-case study at ESOMAR congress. In 2009, he was awarded the MRS Fellowship for his outstanding contribution to the UK research industry.

Omar Mahmoud, Senior Consultant, decision science team, =mc consulting
(Formerly Chief of Market Knowledge - Private Fundraising & Partnership division, UNICEF)
Omar is a market researcher with 40 years of experience in international organizations. He held global, regional, and local positions on several global brands including Pampers, Pantene, Pringles and UNICEF. He is a co-author, with Bernard Ross, of Change for Good - Using Behavioral Economics for a better world, 2018, and co-editor of Change for Better 2021.


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