Sustainability, Premium & Value

How do consumers define sustainability in your category? Is sustainability a premium or value attribute? From a consumer point-of-view, are there synergies between premium, value and sustainability? 

Most of a researcher's time is spent searching for new insights. But if we mine, synthesize and integrate existing data, can we generate new insights?

Since 2011, buzzback has explored sustainability, from corporate responsibility, clean labels, ingredients, packaging through to the sustainable consumer. In that same time frame, we have explored luxury, quality, authenticity, premium and value.

So, we delved into the data to see if we could connect the dots...What is the interplay between sustainability, premium & value, and what does that tell us about how to talk to consumers?

Watch here as we present our latest research on the Interplay of Sustainability, Premium and Value - Mining data for new insights.

You'll Learn:

  •  How existing data can be combined for new insights
  • How consumers view sustainability across categories
  • The overlap of sustainability, premium and value
  • Identifying synergies and ways to connect your brand with consumers

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