Telehealth Webinar

COVID changed telehealth dramatically, bringing back the house call it seems. So what's next? 

Three-quarters of HCPs started using telehealth during COVID and both patients and doctors say usage will continue to increase. What does this mean for HCPs, patients, providers and you?

Watch Now as Jonathan Weiser, buzzback Healthcare Practice Lead, and Terri Javaluyas, Healthcare Research Manager, present our new research around changes and trends in telehealth since pre-pandemic.
in this May 2023 webinar.

You’ll learn:

  • How HCP and patient experiences, perceptions, and frustrations have changed since 2020
  • How both doctors and patients will use telehealth going forward, and what the new house call looks like
  • Macro trends and implications for global healthcare companies 
  • Opportunities to drive your strategy and positioning 


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