ESOMAR - When presentations go wrong


If you would like to share your story in this insightful, interactive session please contact Martin Oxley.

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We all recognise that storytelling is an important part of delivering research that moves both hearts and minds. We also see and hear a lot about great successes. But what about presentations that move hearts and minds but in the wrong direction? We don't hear much about those do we?

We all know there is a huge market for bloopers as well as the great movies. So, we think it's time to hear about the research bloopers.

This informal and informative session is all about what can go wrong in presentations. From the slides that don't make sense, the projectors that stop working, being attacked by a bee, writing 'this ad stinks' in your notes - but having them projected, having your flies open, having the wrong audience to some very heated arguments (all have happened to me.)

Let's learn from our collective mistakes, let's remember we are a people business and where there are people there are mistakes. Let's have a bit of fun in the process too.

Oh, and remember what they say: stupid people don't learn from their mistakes, sensible people learn from their mistakes but the really intelligent learn from other people's mistakes.


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