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Plant-based ingredients and products are everywhere, from meat substitutes to sneakers. As consumers clamor for this new trend in diet and lifestyle, how can you capitalize? What's best for your brand?   


Interest in Plant-Based Ingredients

plant-based interest



$5 Billion in Retail Sales
US retail sales of plant-based foods grew 11.4% in the past year, 5x faster than total food sales.

- Plant Based Foods Association


Awareness is High 


Higher Awareness

Essential Oils
 UK flag Turmeric
UK flag Omega-3



 Medium Awareness

United States Melatonin
UK flag Hemp
 UK flag Collagen


United StatesUnited Kingdom = Considerably higher


Lower Awareness

Activated Charcoal
United States CBD
United States CoQ10
UK flag Protein infused drinks/foods


How Do Consumers Hear About Plant-Based Ingredients?

Social Media



Health and Environmental Concerns Are Main Drivers of Purchase

plant-based drivers of purchase



Plant-Based Products In Consumers' Own Words


The Future of Plant-Based Products

So what next? Our work illustrates Plant-Based opportunities span beyond food/beverage. Consumers are reading labels and focused on ingredients -- with plant-based as a key driver -- and new categories emerging.

High Level Themes:

  • Health is a driver, but variety seeking follows -- especially food/beverage
  • Younger generations focused on environment & animal welfare attracted to plant-based options
  • Plant-based signals other cues:
    Natural, Simple, Clean, Environmentally-friendly
  • How you position & communicate should be specific to your category

Notable Plant-Based Opportunities

plant-based opportunities

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