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Two years after delving into the explosive growth of eCommerce spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic, we're revisiting the topic of shopping to see what is sticking, what’s changed, and how new challenges such as inflation are affecting consumer habits.


Consumers continue to diversify how they shop*


      *purchases made in the last week


Direct To Consumer only represents a small portion of all purchases

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*The UK shops DTC more often for items like food and household products

20-35% of those who shop DTC utilize it for these categories on a monthly basis: 

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  Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 2-05-32 PM-2



A desire for ease and convenience drives online & DTC shopping habits



But consumers still highly value the ability to touch & feel products before buying





Inflation is impacting consumer habits

Amid climbing costs for groceries, gas and other necessities 60%-70% are saving & living on a tighter budget  

“Buying more store brands and less splurges on treats and steaks. No clothing shopping just because, only necessary items.”​ Female, 66, US​-1


Cutting Back




Seeking Cheap

45% are actively seeking out ways to save a few bucks  

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Fewer Trips

35-55% are heading to the store less often
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How Consumers are Adapting to Inflation


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