Consumers’ Embrace of 'Natural' Drives Product Packaging and Repositioning

In case you missed it, there was an article in Fast Company that reported how 3 brands (Lean Cuisine, Vlassic Pickles, and Dole Fruit) applied some rethinking to their product offerings in response to the increasing quest by consumers for more natural foods. Through line extensions and repackaging, the brands sought to shed the negative associations of processed and preserved foods.

This move is completely in line with BuzzBack’s recent exploratory study on ‘Natural’. Natural is an important platform for a range of categories – from foods to personal care to shoes and more! Interestingly enough, all these products fell into the areas where consumers told us that being Natural was most important: fruits/vegetables and meat/poultry. A focus on packaging was also a smart move, as participants in our study say it’s the top information source for learning about or discovering natural products. Consumers also told us that when deciding whether to buy a natural product, the most important claims center around ingredients being natural, organic, unrefined and unprocessed. For more info on consumers’ associations around Natural, click here to request our free white paper.