Do you know Gen Alpha?

Top 3 Interesting Things I Learned from Our Gen Alpha Study
(As A Gen Alpha Parent)

  1. Parents’ wishes for their children in the US vs UK   

    OK, t
    his made me sad
    . The difference between the US and UK is startling. Are we adding unnecessary pressure on our young children in the US - especially given that anxiety levels are at an all-time high since the pandemic?

  2. Gen Alpha’s influence on toothbrush/toothpaste 

    Sounds funny but this totally rang true for me and many other parents I know. For years we’ve been in search of the perfect toothpaste. There really aren’t many options for kids in that middle childhood stage. At some point, we expect more independence and refer to them as big kids. Bubblegum or fruity children’s toothpaste is “for babies” I’ve been told and adult toothpaste is too minty for their young tastebuds. Needless to say, we’ve been "goldilocksing" our way through a lot of toothpaste.  

  3. YouTube IS a big influencer

And now I know it’s not just in my house. Kids are using YouTube completely different from how most adults use it. YouTube has been on the scene for some time and there’s always new evolving content and young YouTube stars getting our kids attention. Whether it’s satisfying slime videos or watching other kids play Roblox, these kids love watching videos and continue to tune in to their favorite channels day after day.