The MRS Inclusion Pledge - It Was a No-Brainer For Us

We recently signed the MRS Inclusion Pledge that asks CEOs to make five commitments towards creating safer and more representative workplaces. This was a no-brainer for us here at buzzback. We've always believed that diversity in the workplace creates an environment that breeds innovation through outside-the-box thinking. In fact, buzzback's President & CEO, Carol Fitzgerald, often says she welcomes and encourages open discussions during meetings and that all employees should feel free to provide honest feedback and opposing viewpoints as we are sometimes limited by our own experiences. As a global company, we regularly benefit from this, since many employees worked remotely from all over the world long before the pandemic. 

But elevating opposing viewpoints is not enough. As a women-owned business, creating a workplace where employees didn't have to check their personal lives at the door was very important in defining the culture at buzzback. I'm pretty sure that starting a company when Carol's twins were only three years old probably had something to do with that... 😊

The fact is, humans thrive when they feel supportedWorking from home, taking time for family - or yourself, 100% employer-paid health insurance, company-wide sexual harassment certifications, forming an 12-year relationship with the University of Miami marketing department, and welcoming many of their students as paid interns and later employees (it also helps that their professor was one of our first employees back in 2000)... we were already doing these things. So, yeah it was a no-brainer.

Just like MRS, we are in the business of evidence, but more importantly, we're in the business of humans. Human understanding, human empathy, are phrases we say a lot throughout the workday. Now, we're glad to be in good company.


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