BuzzBack Enhances Naming Studies to Improve In-Market Success

BuzzBack, an innovator of online market insights, has announced enhancements to its naming studies via a new partnership with Lionbridge. The firm’s creative and visual approach to naming reveals which product, brand or company names are memorable, evocative, and pronounceable. And now, to make sure the name translates globally, BuzzBack will offer in-country linguistic testing as part of naming studies, in collaboration with Lionbridge, a leading provider of translation.

“Naming is a crucial phase of the product and brand development process. Whether for a company, brand or product, a name has enormous impact on capturing attention and inspiring purchase,” explained Carol Fitzgerald, President & CEO of BuzzBack, “And yet a lot of companies never test names. This partnership with Lionbridge ensures we provide top quality translation for our clients who seek success in multiple markets.”

“The Lionbridge team is excited to help enhance the BuzzBack’s Naming offering in a new way,” says Jason Hobart, VP, Global Markets and Strategic Partnerships. “What a name means matters now, more than ever, in a dynamic global marketplace. Our team welcomes an opportunity to impact BuzzBack clients today and well into the future.”

Marketers can work with BuzzBack to ideate names, or to narrow down options, and to explore imagery and associations. The company’s unique, visually-driven approach provides clarity around what a name communicates, which names are strongest, and why. To help clients increase the likelihood of worldwide acceptance of the selected name, BuzzBack has recently enhanced its studies to include a global linguistic check.

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