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The rate of eCommerce adoption has exploded with some saying we’ve achieved 10 years of projected growth in just 3 months. Now that more consumers have gone digital, what are they buying online vs in-store and why? What trends can we expect to see moving forward?


Changes in Shopping Behavior

Unsurprisingly, 60% say in-store shopping trips DECREASED

brick & mortar shopping US(1)
brick & mortar shopping UK(1)
online shopping US-1
Copy of online shopping UK(1)

While online & app purchases INCREASED for 50%


40% typical items purchased(1)




Impulse purchases are less frequent - 40% say they buy typical purchases, 35-40% still stocking up, increasing quantities each purchase.


eCommerce Drivers & Barriers

Consumer Pros & Cons

In-Store Shopping


Pros: Know exactly what you’re getting - especially for food, clothing, equipment


Health concerns/virus exposure


Online Shopping

relaxing safePros: Safe & Convenient

cons online shopping Cons: Product quality unpredictable, long delivery times, overwhelming selection and unable to touch/feel 




Retail Categories Most Impacted Most By COVID

Consumer purchases are focused on essentials -- food, beverages and household products primarily. Apparel, electronics and exercise equipment are also being bought, however at a smaller rate. They also differ in where consumers prefer to purchase them, with most essential purchases in-store.

Weekly Consumer Spending by Category
what are consumers buying during COVID


Where Are Consumers Shopping?

where they shop



Thought-Provoking Discoveries

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3 Trends to Consider


retail pivot v2

The Retail Pivot

  • Staying home results in new direct to consumer and bartering shopping models.

    With continued economic fallout, consumers may turn to simpler pleasures & small indulgences.

robo apple

Technology Saves Shopping

  • Technology challenges what we know as the 'store.'
  • Malls are emptying, innovative vending machines and drones deliver products

    Look for new standards in contactless shopping, personalization and omnichannel experiences.

greener habits

Greener Habits

  • Consumers are spending more time outside & with nature
  • They desire less waste and more sustainable choices

The longer we're home, the more likely this may become permanent change.

The Future of eCommerce

Retail has been completely upended with the pandemic -- resulting in new consumer expectations and gaps in consumer experience. eCommerce will dominate certain categories short-term, with increased potential for long-term use.

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