When it comes to sustainability – do consumers do what they say?

In June this year, Carol Fitzgerald was delighted to take part in this webinar with Progege.


How do companies that strive to be leaders in sustainability support sustainability efforts in a meaningful way that is also understandable to consumers? When it comes to sustainable products, do consumers actually do what they say?

With case studies from Bimbo Bakeries, Reckitt and others, Victoria Stevens, Director, Client Solutions, Prodege, and Carol Fitzgerald, Founder & CEO, buzzback, discussed sustainability efforts around all aspects of product/ingredient development, packaging and messaging. In this session, buzzback shared new research around packaging and sustainability, showcasing innovative research approaches for online qual, consumer deep dives and rapid test+learn methods, combined with Prodege’s consumer purchase data – all enabling sustainability leaders to empower their sustainability efforts. These range from ingredient exploratory to claims and packaging development to positioning and communications. Through these real-life brand examples, we explored new ways to develop your winning brand sustainability strategy. Three Takeaways:

1) What consumers think about sustainability and how it impacts their purchasing decisions – with concrete data from personal care, food & beverage, alcoholic beverages and household goods

2) New, innovative research approaches to understand the whys of consumer behavior

3) How brands use consumer insights to develop a winning brand sustainability strategy

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