The future of shopping – Shifts in consumer behavior and what’s next

Covid caused huge shifts in shopping behavior, and eCommerce achieved years of projected growth within a few months. In August 2020, we ran a study, Winners, Losers & What’s Next, to get a handle on this rapidly changing landscape.

2 years later, we’ve revisited this topic to see what is sticking, what’s changed, and how new challenges such as inflation are affecting habits. Join us in this new webinar as we share insights based on buzzback’s own research in UK and US.

Tatiana Gormley, VP of Global Insights, buzzback

Mary Meehan, co-founder of Panoramix Global, a next generation research and consumer behavior firm

You’ll learn:

Where is shopping and retail going?
The influence of tech – for example, social commerce, drones and new payment methods
Categories on the rise and in decline

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