Martin Oxley to Present at the ASC Delivering Better Conference

Martin Oxley, Managing Director of BuzzBack Europe, will be presenting at the ASC conference, Delivering Better: Turning up the insight, value, speed & action on November 14, 2019 in London. Part of their one day conference series, the Delivering Better Conference focuses on the end results of survey research and how recent innovations in technology and thinking is making them better.


The Elephant in the Room

What we can learn from Tinder and internal stakeholders – who should do the swiping?

We all know that the success rate of New Product Development (NPD) is low. In response, we have improved our thinking, made ourselves more agile, and looked for ways to improve our ability to see ‘around the corner’. But are we looking in the right place? By turning the NPD spotlight away from consumers and onto the very organisations we work for, a better measure may emerge. This session will show how technology-enabled insight can help to bolster development muscle by turning the NPD process on its head and establishing a frictionless relationship with stakeholders. These are the elephants in the room.

The provocation is that we mainly focus on consumers and not the differences between those and the decision makers. There are lots of great examples of why this is key. From the deadly serious: the death of 65 on Flight 52, to my friend’s marriage request to the father of his Japanese girlfriend where ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ also means ‘no’. Knowing the difference is called ‘reading the air’ and is the principle behind the difference between high and low cultures.

We will show videos, Bill Gates, and a case study showing why we need to ‘Walk a Mile in His Moccasins’ to understand people. We will touch upon Tinder and show a mobile application. Furthermore, we will have the audience take their phones out of their pockets as part of the presentation rather than bore them with the content.