Martin Oxley to Present at the Quirk's Event, London

Martin Oxley, Managing Director of BuzzBack Europe, will be presenting Sleep – A Giant Untapped Opportunity for Wellness: An Agile U&A Study on Day 2 at The Quirk's Event in London. The event will take place at The O2 - Intercontinental London from February 11-12, 2020.


Sleep – A Giant Untapped Opportunity for Wellness: An Agile Use and Attitude Study

Today’s stress and anxiety-filled world is driving an emerging global epidemic of sleep deprivation. Even with global sleep aids projected to grow to over €81B in 2023, many people aren’t speaking with their doctors about their lack of sleep. How are consumers coping? How can OTC, prescription, supplements and other products help fill the gaps?

With a Blended Research approach, we explore experiences of sleep sufferers with a focus on consumer centricity. You’ll learn:

  • Behavior and attitudes driving consumer experiences and sleeplessness
  • How sleep sufferers define and treat issues with sleep
  • What’s important to them emotionally
  • Brands and products they use, with unmet needs
  • Where and how to reach sleep sufferers
  • Ways OTC, prescription and supplement companies can better position and find white space


Session Details
Date: Day 2 - Wednesday, February 12
Time: 2:00 - 2:30pm
Location: Room 4


Topic(s): conference