Vitafoods Europe Summit 2022 - Understanding what happiness means

At this year's Vitafoods Europe Summit, Martin Oxley will be sharing new work to help brands translate a feeling of wellbeing and happiness into brand success.

Vitafoods Eur summit MO May 9

The world was a very different place when we started this work. Happiness feels like a strange topic right now - or is it more relevant than ever?

We know that consumer sentiment, when positive, often leads to confidence and economic growth since most demand is consumer driven. But what is not clear is how brands can link their activities to this elusive emotional feeling of wellbeing or maybe happiness. How do you link to the feel-good factor? This study will share what happiness means in the USA, China, UK and Brazil.

See you there, or if you can't make and would like to know more about our work on Happiness, let us know!

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