E-Commerce Adoption

When it comes to purchasing, how has consumer behavior changed? What are they buying online vs. brick and mortar – and why? What are trends for the future? Some categories have increased sales online while others have not. What is driving these differences and how can companies capitalize on consumer e-commerce behavior to invigorate their brands?

Join us for this new webinar, presented together with Panoramix Global, as we take a look at shopping behavior and emerging e-commerce trends in the US and UK.

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We compare findings across across categories and geographies
and discuss implications for your busine

  • Consumer sentiment and buying behavior across categories
  • How to adapt to changing behavior when it comes to e-commerce
  • New trends around shopping & e-commerce & what's next

We look forward to your joining. Please feel free to share with others and if you would like a presentation at your next team meeting, just let us know.

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