Advance Your Ethnography to Better Connect + Empower Patients

 — New Breast Cancer Research —

In the past 2-3 years cancer treatments have expanded dramatically, making it increasingly difficult for patients to navigate. To help you breakthrough and connect, you need to understand patients as people - their emotions, voices, and language as well as medical and treatment needs. And in this ever-changing and mobile-obsessed world, your approach needs to change, too. 

In our NEW ethnographic study of patients with metastatic breast cancer, you'll learn how to:

  • Use engaging techniques to uncover their needs - emotional, physical and medical
  • Integrate interactive exercises to hear their voices and better speak their language
  • Journey with them via mobile devices with personal photos & videos revealing challenges
  • Deep dive on personal challenges with HCPs and support systems
  • Examine how and where patients access information and discover opportunities to improve health literacy

Change up your approach to ethnography, sign up for Wednesday, October 24th or Tuesday, October 30th now.

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