Understanding the 'PCP Dilemma': Guidance for Reaching PCPs in Advanced Therapeutic Categories

Many pharmaceutical companies view PCPs as a primary target, but they can be hard to reach given their sheer volume. Many of our clients - in particular those with more advanced treatments - often find themselves challenged with where to focus communications with PCPs. Should it be centered on direct patient care or specialist referrals? We call this the 'PCP Dilemma.'

Partnering with Horizon Pharma, we explore PCPs in a variety of categories (gout, asthma, and major depressive disorder). In this 30 minute webinar, you'll learn:

  • PCP characteristics more/less likely to lead to referrals
  • Patient characteristics more/less likely to trigger referrals
  • Situational/structural factors impacting the referral process
  • Tips on conducting PCP segmentation to identify, prioritize and target effectively
  • Improvements for your PCP strategy, especially if you work on brands prescribed by both PCPs and specialists

Make sure you're targeting the right PCPs, register now for Tuesday, June 11.

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