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We are pioneers of interactive engagement, and fanatical about adopting and adapting technology to help brands better connect with their target. With a vision of building techniques that are fun and creative, we’ve been engaging consumers in immersive experiences even before it was ‘in vogue.’ You’ll discover new ways to unlock deep-seated emotions and latent behaviors.

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Participants build a powerful visual expression of their inner story. With a non-lexical, indirect format, they use images to elicit emotional cues and language from image libraries or even upload their own images. Award-winning & proven in hundreds of studies. Learn more
Thought Bubble
An indirect storytelling exercise where participants dissociate to script a dialogue or imagine what others are thinking in response to visual stimuli.
An interactive building and co-creation exercise to yield richer understanding for early-stage branding, product development, packaging, and more. Consumers build their ideal scenario and describe their process.
A Tinder-style experience to tap consumers’ instinctive reactions to help you determine interest for your idea. Consumers 'swipe right' on your product, packaging or claims and describe why.
Concept Focus
Our proprietary highlighting tool allows respondents to mark directly on an image or text stimulus and give specific reasoning behind annotations to help you refine.
Amorphous characters allow consumers to articulate thoughts and emotions, and visually express feelings or associations in response to brand, advertising, product or other association questions.
Interactive Shelf
A virtual in-store or on-line shopping experience to uncover purchase interest and mimic shopping behavior with brand recall, find time, cart capabilities and diagnostics to improve packaging.
Consumers express their inner thoughts via a digital tablet, with drawing and sketching their own illustrations or marking up existing images.
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