swipe 2-0

“This new approach helps us move faster and more effectively into mobile techniques, and it’s ideal for early stage screening.”

Innovation Director

How Nestlé Advanced its Early Stage Idea Screening

The What
Super impatient. High expectations. With new ‘agile’ and test+learn strategies, Nestlé needed to involve consumers earlier in the process to optimize 10 tweetable concepts.

So What
With consumers spending 80% of their time on mobile devices, our approach included Buzzback Swipe plus Concept Focus to both evaluate and optimize the ideas. Combined with consumer videos, Swipe provides implicit reactions for System 1 thinking.

Now What
In just a few days, Nestlé identified which ideas were top performers, plus why certain ideas resonated and how to further improve them. And because the ideas were unbranded, videos provided insight to consumer relevance and how the products might be used.

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