3rd Best Selling NEW Brand in the UK in 2014
£28.2 million in sales in 2014

How L’Oréal Selected the Name for its Best Selling NEW UK Brand

The What
Even with a successfully tested concept, L’Oréal had concerns about their options for product name relative to brand equity. The team needed to dig deeper in choosing the best name prior to introduction. Testing their concept, reactions to name appeal and support of brand equity was unclear. When baseline key metrics fail and give no sense of direction, the team knew they needed to dig deeper with visual diagnostics, using Buzzback techniques.

So What
Methodology included a qual-quant approach integrating eCollageTM to explore evaluation of the names on key metrics as well as emotions and imagery the names elicitied.

Now What
Among 3 names, scores for key metrics were similar. However, the incumbent name elicited negative images and connotations revealed via eCollageTM. Even though at low levels, the team shifted to the current name – and soon after introduction the product became a bestseller in the UK.

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