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“We ended up learning a lot more than we had imagined… beyond information about the creatives, we learned about our customers.”

Consumer Insights Lead

How Expedia Created a More Effective Message Strategy to Drive Loyalty

The What
Expedia needed to understand how to better connect and drive customer loyalty across multiple channels – website, email, text. The team needed to refine both visuals and text to uncover drivers of 'clicks'. 

So What
A qual-quant evaluation among current customers with Buzzback interactive projective techniques engaged Expedia customers in exploring different creative executions – with webcam-based eye tracking and Concept Focus to uncover both visuals and text resonating most.

Now What
Evaluative performance of different stimuli in a range of formats combined with specificity around visuals and text driving interest enabled Expedia to determine the most effective messaging. A key element of the strategy included how to combine elements to best communicate with core customers and when to use email vs text, etc. The study was so successful it was repeated multiple times.

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