Ricola Packaging Evaluation-1

“When it comes to developing concepts and products, our ‘journey’ sometimes feels like a FULL-ON sprint! Working with BuzzBack to collapse steps and accelerate the process is the only way we can move forward. ”

Consumer Insights Lead


Ricola: Pack Refinement in Record Time

The What
Ricola needed to evaluate pack designs and identify the role of the herbs image, with development on a fast track. The new product introduced dual action benefits, new to core equities and positioning.

So What
Methodology included rapid package and ad testing done in parallel advance tight timelines. Buzzback’s Concept Focus technique engaged consumers in specifying the elements resonating most and fitting best with the brand

Now What
In just a few days, the study revealed how both designs performed well and proved to clearly communicate brand positioning. However, the simpler design was more effective in highlighting efficacy. Ricola’s introduction of Dual Action marked their true arrival into the efficacy space and remains among their top company product entries to date.

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