“The positioning work is outstanding! We had this question last year, but couldn’t figure out how to solve for it. ”

Consumer Insights Lead
Consumer Products Company

How a Major Consumer Products Company Developed More Effective Positioning

The What
A major consumer products company needed to determine which of 2 positionings resonated most with difficult-to-reach B2B targets.

So What
With a qual-quant approach, we integrated evaluated measures to identify performance for each of the positionings among the different targets. In addition, eCollageTM, Concept Focus and other projectives engaged participants in describing elements resonating most.

Now What
Results enabled holistic, broader understanding of the territories, plus key takeaways from ‘words’ and imagery via Concept Focus. Importantly, both ideas connected on emotional levels, but eCollage visuals demonstrated distinct differentiation between the two, allowing the team clear direction on how to move forward.

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