Is the Future Plant-Based?

Plant-based ingredients and products are everywhere, from meat substitutes to sneakers. As consumers clamor for this new trend in diet and lifestyle, how can you capitalize? What's best for your brand?

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Is the Future Plant-Based?

Join us on Thursday, October 15 at 11 am EDT | 4pm BST as we share new insights around the plant-based product trend and other 'trendy ingredients' driving consumer purchase. We'll cover:

  • Top 'trendy ingredients' - what's hot and what's not for today's consumer
  • Emotions they associate with plant-based & trendy ingredients and what they look for
  • Categories and brands they've tried and why
  • Implications for your innovation and positioning

We look forward to having you join us. Please feel free to share with others and if you would like a presentation at your next team meeting, just let us know.

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