menopause journey

“It was imperative that we understand this journey. Women will spend a third of their time in menopause and there’s often confusion as to what is going on in their bodies…”

Director of Market Research
Global Pharmaceutical Company

Exploring the Menopause Journey for New Product Development

The What
The marketing team at a global pharmaceutical company needed guidance on how to better connect and communicate with women along their journey through menopause. 

So What
Social listening was employed for real world input to help focus the study design in the right areas. Buzzback’s blended quali-quant approach utilized journey mapping, eCollageTM, written and video diary submissions to unearth key themes across all stages of menopause as well as 5 types of generalised pathways. 

Now What
The team received insights & implications for tone of voice and positioning, product development, and white space for support products and services.  Instead of 2 separate phases (e.g. qual into quant) that might typically take ~10-12 weeks or longer, this was achieved in half the time, just 6 weeks.

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