“The emotional response using both the colors and the blobs is very helpful…helps marketers think of emotional responses to words IN ADDITION TO concepts/ pictures. The best quant message testing I’ve seen & will be my go-to.”

Associate Director
Mid-Tier Healthcare Company

How a Mid-Tier Healthcare Company Develops more Effective Messaging​ 

The What
mid-tier healthcare company needed to assess a series of messages and determine the best performers so they could move forward and amplify reach for an HPV vaccine 

So What
The buzzback team utilized a comprehensive 4 step approach that included:

  1. Rational Evaluation: A traditional assessment of key messages using Max Diff to reveal top performers based on motivation and additional diagnostics to determine believability and relevance. The 24 messages were categorized into 4 thematic buckets (Efficacy, Education, Dosing and Experience/Trust) to help further interpret the data.
  2. Emotional Assessment: Creative projective techniques, Blob Tree and color palette, helped respondents reveal how they feel when reading the messages.
  3. Optimization: Concept Focus was used to identify strengths & weaknesses of key phrases and what’s driving performance.
  4. Story Development: Message simulator, developed by the team, to determine the impact of various message combinations from the thematic buckets.

Now What
Using a comprehensive 4 step message evaluation approach, buzzback delivered both evaluative and emotive understanding for each message, as well as across all thematic buckets. Plus, the approach provided very specific guidance to optimize messages by highlighting words and phrases that resonated and which ones fell flat for most, or even certain groups of people. This holistic evaluation allowed the team to develop a comprehensive brand story as well as a series of shorter, more streamlined stories to use in various modes of communication.

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