Consumer Sentiment — What we didn't tell you...

Life. Parenting. Eating. Drinking. Work. Exercise. COVID. Every month, we check in with consumers so they can tell us ALL about it. And do they ever. Currently, we’ve spoken with 29,000 people since the pandemic started. 

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We have a lot of stories, and we share them with you, as they happen. But, after a while, we started to realize there were much bigger stories to tell.  

In our webinar, Consumer Sentiment – Looking Back and Looking Ahead, we shared what’s changed and why, highlighted category insights and findings from our Journey Mapping exercise, but there’s a few things we left out for the sake of time. 

In our journey mapping and eCollageTM exercise, we asked people to tell us how their experience with the pandemic has been. We uncovered 4 types of lived experiences, but in our webinar, we only shared details on the 2 largest segments.  

So, without further ado I present to you Rollercoaster Rhonda, Downhill Debbie, Constant Connie, and Loopy Leo.  


For even more details, click here to watch the webinar.