How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 37 - March 2022


We've been tracking how COVID has changed consumer behavior for two years, from the initial surge through Delta and Omicron. As most of the world relaxes restrictions and attempts a return to normality, this is our last COVID Tracker. 

Don't worry, we'll be back next month with a new tracker, as we continue to monitor consumer sentiment and understand the whys behind consumer behavior. 


How Long Will This Go On?

About 45% agree that "we'll get through COVID-19 by the end of 2022."
A majority believes COVID will last longer than the next 5 months.

5 months headline-wave37
5 months chart-w37

confidence circle helping hands

Confidence in the
government decreases for the UK
& US remains the same.


optimism new sunset

Optimism about the
outcome of the crisis drops in the 
UK & US remains the same.



People are beginning to live normally again

living normally - W37 (2)



Loneliness is at lowest point of pandemic

loneliness-w37 (1)


Opinions on COVID relaxations are mixed

bj-relaxations - W37


And most are still taking precautions

covid cautions - W37-1 


New variants on the horizon?

new variants - W37-2 



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