In The Media
1 minute read
| April 1, 2022

What Makes consumers happy?

We asked over 1600 consumers in the US, UK, Brazil and Chinawhich brands and their... Read More
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| March 31, 2022

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Developing Packaging

Since the start of the COVID outbreak, consumer needs have changed due to environmental and... Read More
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| March 14, 2022

Alexa, stop spying on me

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1 minute read
| November 17, 2021

Exploring how levels of concern around data privacy has changed since 2019

Scam phone calls and emails have increased during the pandemic, with criminals taking... Read More
1 minute read
| October 4, 2021

We’ve won the AURA Breakthrough Agency Award!

We’re delighted to have been a winner at The AURAs! We proudly took home the title of... Read More
1 minute read
| September 13, 2021

Wellness brands can create opportunities by listening to consumers’ sleep concerns

We spoke to 25,000 consumers in the UK and US about their sleeping habits, their experiences... Read More
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| September 2, 2021

Consumers are turning to probiotics to maintain a healthy weight

Our research has found that consumers who are already using dietary supplements are now... Read More
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| September 2, 2021

Telemedicine should complement in-person appointments, our research finds

Despite the rapid growth of the use of telemedicine in the UK, our study of over 1,500 people... Read More
1 minute read
| July 29, 2021

Telemedicine is here to stay: the pros and cons according to GPs and patients

Telehealth has been growing rapidly since the start of the pandemic. The use of telehealth by... Read More