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1 minute read
| October 19, 2020

Which Categories Will Lose Most Ground Online in the Future?

The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably caused a shift in the way consumers are shopping, and... Read More
1 minute read
| October 1, 2020

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

As the trend towards all natural, organic and herbal products continues to gain interest,... Read More
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| September 25, 2020

How the cow laughed again: The importance of a customer-centric approach

We talked with Research World about how our collaboration with Bel successfully restored... Read More
| September 15, 2020

Post-lockdown customer mindsets

Using our qualitative online research, we grouped people together into four different... Read More
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| September 9, 2020

Panoramix Global talks with Forbes about the new era of shopping

Mary Meehan at Panoramix Global shared with Forbes the key trends in shopping behavior... Read More
| June 9, 2020

Our trendy ingredients research on Food Navigator

FoodNavigator has been the leading online news source for the food industry for almost 20... Read More
| June 9, 2020

Trendy ingredients: we talked to GCI about our latest findings

Our recent research on trendy ingredients is now live on Global Cosmetic Industry, the... Read More
| June 4, 2020

Curcumin and omega-3 top the list for functional ingredients consumers most want to try

We talked to Food Dive about our trendy ingredient research, which unveils which... Read More
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| June 4, 2020

Our trendy ingredients study published on Happi

Leading media company for personal care Happi published an article about our research into... Read More