How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 2 - Week of 30 March

At BuzzBack, understanding consumers is what we're about - who they are and how they live - their behaviors, feelings and fears.
This snapshot will give you a weekly view of consumers in the US & UK, as behaviors and emotions change.



clean infographic

When it comes to healthcare,
there is increasing concern about... 

healthcare concerns



worry there are not enough
testing kits available right now


They're utilizing the system less,
but stockpiling medication more.



Reflections on the new normal through eCollage

BuzzBack eCollageTM elicits imagery and emotional associations via interactive online collaging


US eCollage

UK eCollage


People in the US are starting
to take the virus more seriously.





say even those who have not been exposed
should stay at home to minimize
the chance of the virus spreading


If they could write to the President
or Prime Minister, they would say...