How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 3 - Week of 6 April

At BuzzBack, understanding consumers is what we're about - who they are and how they live - their behaviors, feelings and fears.
Here's Wave 3 - this week with a look at political leaning among consumers in the US & UK, as behaviors and emotions change.



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UK citizens are less optimistic than US, but overall
optimism continues to decline. 

decline in optimism



More now believe life
will be impacted by the
virus for MORE than 5 months.

more than 5 months


The number of people who think others
are overreacting is also on the decline.

overreacting w3




When asked to record diary entries of
their daily lives, 4 different groups emerged.


4 groups


Bittersweet quote


Struggling quote


What they're doing to stay entertained:

what people are doing