How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 32 - October 2021


Supply chain chatter is everywhere... but how big of an issue is it? This month we looked at familiarity, frustrations, and where consumers are placing the blame. Which categories are the most challenging for consumers and what's their plan of action when their preferred brands/products aren't available? 




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How Long Will This Go On?

A majority believe the virus will last longer than the next 5 months -
not much change from the previous month.

5 months headline 32
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Confidence in the
government increases for the US
& UK remains the same.

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Optimism about the
outcome of the crisis increases
in the US & UK holds steady.



Is This The New Normal?

w 32-1 new normal




Supply Chain Challenges  

Just over half are familiar with current supply chain issues.

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Most Prevalent Categories

According to consumers, these categories are where they are feeling the pinch.

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Some say supply chain issues are not a challenge for them.

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Supply Chain Issues Are Real For Most

Top issues in both the US and UK center on prices, recurrence, and impact.

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How are these challenges affecting their lives?

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When they cannot find their desired brand/product, consumers are more likely to…

 w 32-7 more likely to

Who is More Likely to Stockpile?

These self-admitted stockpilers admit to buying more than they normally would when their products are available.

story w 32  - stockpiling



The Blame Game


Many look to explain or assign blame -  from COVID, government mismanagement to worker and truck driver shortages, media exaggeration, and - in the UK – Brexit.


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