How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 33 - November 2021


They're calling it the "Great Resignation" or the "Big Quit." Since Spring 2021, millions of employees have been saying, "sayonara!" So what's driving this employee exit, and will it continue? Are people happier? What are their expectations going forward?


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How Long Will This Go On?

A majority believe the virus will last longer than the next 5 months -
no change from the previous month. (8)
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Confidence in the
government decreases for the US
& UK remains the same.

optimism new sunset

Optimism about the
outcome of the crisis are
unaffected in the US & UK.





Employment: Pre-COVID vs Now




Overall, about two-thirds say they are working the same number of hours now as they did before COVID.

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Changes in Employment (4) (3)


Top Changes Employees Made by Choice



Are employees still on the move?




Top Reasons For Change




Are They Happy?


Among those who have completed a voluntary employment change...



A majority feel their family and being happy are what's important.



Give me happiness, or give me retirement!



Those who did retire during COVID, found their own happiness.

retirees spending time



Better Benefits Are Now Expected... or Else





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