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December 2022


This month we took a look at the beverage category, to understand the importance of brand to consumers.

We looked across all beverage categories, and compared what consumers said about brand in three distinct catgories: 


Commodity Category - Milk

Mature/Established Category - Soda

Emerging Category - Hard Seltzer

 Does brand importance vary by category maturity? When brand does matter, what attributes are most important?

Scroll down to see what we found.


For the current state of happiness and optimism in the US and UK, scroll to the bottom.


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Functional brand attributes rule

1 Functional aspects of brand are key


However, price considered before brand


2 But price is more important


More consumers switch to lower-cost brands in emerging categories


3 Brand loyalty is more for established and commodities


Social brand attributes more impactful in emerging categories


4 Social aspects matter more for emerging markets-1


Social responsibility matters


5 Consiousness matters more for emerging markets


Brand personality significantly more important in emerging categories


6 Personality matters more for emerging


Why consumers are loyal


7 Verbatims-1



Happiness and Optimism 


60% are happy, UK happiness highest in December



Optimism reaches new low point in US


Concerns remain

Finances top personal concerns

Personal Concerns - December


Economy tops global concerns

Global Concerns - December


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